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Meet Conspexit at Web Summit

I am proud to announce that Conspexit has been invited to take part in the Web Summit startup program in Lisboa. Meet Conspexit at Web Summit 4-7 November for a demonstration and talk about how Conspexit's innovative and cutting-edge technology is used to empower people with visual impairment to experience a world without limitations.

Conspexit will demonstrate and talk about how the technology is being used:

  • A demonstration of its obstacle avoidance system.

  • How the obstacle avoidance system is used in autonomous drones.

  • A pilot project on a train and train station to help people with visual impairment locate the right platform and finding available space

  • How Conspexit is working with one of the biggest municipalities in Norway to implement accessibility for visual impaired in one of their sports arenas tracking football, ice-hockey and handball matches to give real time feedback to people with visual impairment.

  • Integration of the Conspexit technology in a number of apartments in 3 different countries to give better support for accessibility for visual impaired